As we head into another year of music, we have a lot of exciting shows coming up at our music venue as part of our big 10th Anniversary celebrations this year!

We asked the on-the-ground, pint-to-hand Albert Hall team what they are most excited for and why:

The Lathums (Saul Mendleson – Team Leader)

“I’m most excited to see The Lathums – a sold-out show for a local artist so the atmosphere is going to be banging. They were meant to support Blossoms in 2020 for “Ribbon Around the Bomb” but cancelled because of covid and now they’re too big to support. It shows how good they are and how much they’ve grown.

Proper good music, I’ve been waiting 3 years to see them and probably last time they’ll do a venue this size cause they gonna go huge.”

This event is SOLD OUT!

Orbital (Jenny Martin – Bartender)

“I’m really excited to see Orbital perform at the hall. My dad has been into them for a long time and I think it will be very interesting to see an electronic dance music group perform a gig.

I’m very intrigued as to what the crowd will be like for it. I’m hoping the room is going to be very dark and the light show will be funky.

Good vibes all around, especially if it’s performed in a venue as cool as Albert Hall!”

You can purchase tickets to Orbital here

OSEES (Gina Bonnar – Accessibility + Enquiries Coordinator)

“After discovering them through seeing them play here last year I’m looking forward to seeing OSEES return to the hall! Their show was amazing, with no thrills, it was just about the music.

Shortly after the show I went straight to Spotify to listen to their music and have been following their new releases since.

It’ll be great to see them perform some new music and I’m excited to see what kind of lineup they have for the support too!”

This is one of our 10th Anniversary shows!
You can purchase tickets here

Folamour: House of Love (Linus Fuge – Bartender)

“I discovered Folamour’s music about three years ago at a funk and disco event, and it has become a staple of my music library ever since. I’ve never had a chance to actually see him live, so for me this is going to be a fantastic event at a venue suited perfectly for it.

Drawing from an eclectic mix of genres and styles, his music blends elements of lo-fi house, disco, funk and soul, and will make for a great night of dancing and good vibes all around!”

You can buy tickets for Folamour here

Ezra Collective (Alana Howes – Bartender)

“I am really excited to see Jazz quintet fusion group Ezra Collective performing their much anticipated new album Where I’m Meant to Be. Written and recorded over covid lockdown, the album fuses R&B, Salsa, Reggae, Afrobeats and hip hop as a celebration of life, energy and camaraderie.

This powerful energy and vibrant atmosphere is infectious in their performances, getting the crowd up and dancing together which is what I love about them. Some tracks are collaborations with other up-and-coming jazz and hip-hop artists like Sampa The Great, Nubya Garcia, and Kojey Radical, so I can wait to see what surprises they have in store for us.”

This event is SOLD OUT!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Hannah Tinker – Marketing + Ticketing)

“It’ll just be a really nice gig. It’s what immediately came to mind when thinking about my favourite upcoming gig. Unknown Mortal Orchestra continually offers up tracks that hit the sweet spot of discussing quite heavy lyrical topics, underplayed by jovial, jangle, electronic instrumentation.

Every listen to UMO fills me with a sort of “life is silly so just move with it” feeling and I can’t wait to feel that when I finally see them in June! You should too.”

You can buy tickets to Unknown Mortal Orchestra here

Young Fathers (Ben Trigg – Bartender)

Young Fathers lyrics are a large part of their sounds, and their poetic use of language is used to deal with large topics like religion and racism in their music. They not only seem to be growing in popularity by the minute but seem to be one of the greatest bands of the generation.

It truly seems that they are only at the beginning of a long journey ahead to worldwide acclaim, and we are incredibly lucky to have a band like young fathers at our venue.”

You can buy tickets to Young Fathers here

Annie Mac – Before Midnight (Liam Walsh – Deputy Manager)

Annie Mac’s new, earlier club night opens clubbing to so many people. It’s a club night that exists to make rave culture more and more accessible, and by accessible, I mean to people who love clubbing (and maybe even miss it) but want to get up in the morning, need to be back in time for the babysitter, don’t drink or just want a good night’s sleep! It brings clubbing to a wider audience, which is great!”

This event is SOLD OUT!

SELF ESTEEM (Simon Butcher – Live Booking Manager)

“The first artist ever to sell out three nights on the same tour in our ten-year history is feminist-pop future icon SELF ESTEEM. Her Mercury-nominated second album Prioritise Pleasure was a moment of self-discovery for songwriter Rebecca Taylor, who tackles toxic expectations she’s faced as a woman with equal parts confidence and vulnerability.”

Describing times she’s “shrunk, moved and changed,” to fit in, while belting out empowering chants worthy of stadiums, has struck a chord with so many people who’ve felt the same way, and given them a sense of personal liberation too. Her live show is a defiant slice of pop theatre and we can’t wait for it.

This event is SOLD OUT!

The Murder Capital (Sam Litten – General Manager)

“My choice is The Murder Capital! Discovered them early last year, Green & Blue is one of my favourite tracks ever.

Really grungy music but with some really uplifting elements & very poetic! Will be great to see them play some of their newer music at our venue.”

You can buy tickets to The Murder Capital here



De La Soul (Dec Goring – Trainee Assistant Manager)

De La Soul are gonna be class. Amazing that we have a real 90s powerhouse that changed the landscape of hip-hop in our venue – I have never seen them perform before + we are really lucky to have them.

Shows there’s still high demand for this type of gig!”

This event is SOLD OUT!