Young Fathers (SOLD OUT)

March 7, 2023
07:00 PM - 11PM

Scottish act, Young Fathers are known for always offering up a buffet of delights from many a genre and spinning them together to create something spectacular. Their new album Heavy Heavy is exactly that. A medley of soul, pop, rock, hip-hop, noise, and more it’s a delight to the ears and we can’t wait to have the trio present it and top tracks from their back catalog on our stage on the 7th of March!

The multi-award-winning group have won the Mercury Prize and Scottish Album Of The Year for their works and their first album in five years shows that there’s no sign of them slowing. A truly enigmatic band with a fabulously hard-to-define sound that will last the ages.

“No dress code required. Dancing, not moshing. Hips jerking, feet slipping, brain firing in Catherine Wheel sparks of joy and empathy. Underground but never dark. Still young, after some years, even as the heavy, heavy weight of the world seems to grow day by day.”