Almost a year from when they last played at our venue, we are happy to announce that indie-rock band The Mountain Goats will be returning to our stage in May 2024!

They last stormed our stage in November 2022 with a huge selection of tracks from their back catalogue, including changes to their line-up with John Darnielle performing some solo tracks amongst the set, including The Water Song + Thank You Mario but Our Princess Is in Another Castle!

The tour comes in celebration of their new album Jenny from Thebes which is the follow-up to their 2001 album All Hail West Texas and takes Jenny on a new section of her life.

Jenny from Thebes is the story of Jenny, her southwestern ranch-style house, the people for whom that house is a place of safety, and the west Texas town that is uncomfortable with its existence. It is a story about the individual and society, about safety and shelter and those who choose to provide care when nobody else will.

Tickets are available on Thursday the 9th November 2023, make sure you grab them before they sell out!