Known for Disco anthem ‘I Want To Thankyou’, sampled by everyone from Theo Parish to Kanye West,  R&B/ Soul singer Alicia Myers makes a long overdue return to Manchester this November for La Discotheque’s  3rd birthday.

Nearly 40 years since her hit single release, we speak to the Disco songstress about growing up with music, working with Al Hudson + more…

Hey Alicia. Wow, so you come from a big family! What was is like growing up as 1 of 9?

Life was quite fun most times.  There were always people auditioning or dancing with our band. Otherwise, just a large family dealing with the ups and downs of life, staying prayerful and hopeful for a better life.

So you’ve been surrounded by music all your life then?  

Yes. My siblings and I were always dancing and singing to various music playing in our home. Detroit’s Motown artists were a great inspiration as well. My parents, aunts and uncles also sung beautiful harmonies.

They must have been allot of fun to be around! Do you think this influenced you to pursue a career in music?

Yes, my family helped me to make the decision to sing duets with my older brother Jackie when I was 10 years old.

What was the first record you remember purchasing?

I really didn’t buy music in my youth but my parents had everything they heard on the radio and more.  

From Aretha Franklin to Gladys Knight, Esther Phillips, Oscar Peterson, Idris Muhammed, Lou Rawls, David Sanborn, basically everything Motown, Michael Jackson, Carol King, Bootsy Collins etc.

You started off singing with Al Hudson & The Partners. What was it like working with Al and the rest of the band?

Overall, working with Al Hudson and One Way was both fun and educational. I learned a lot about entertaining from them. We stay in touch and sometimes Dave Roberson and I talk for hours about everything and nothing.

Sounds like you’re still great friends! In 1981 you left the band and embarked on a solo career. What inspired “I Want To Thank You?”

The Heavenly Father, and Kevin McCord, who wrote and produced it and the songs that keep me working today.

When you first released the single in 1981, did you ever imagine you’d still be performing it now 38 years later?

No way. That song has taken on a life of it’s own after all these years, thank God. Not to mention all the various artists doing remakes and samples to this today.

It truly is a Disco classic! Can you share with us any stories from the decadent Disco days of the 80’s?

Sure. Once, at the start of performing “I Want To Thank You” in New York, the audience charged the stage.  I was rushed backstage to safety.  The crowd never settled down so my manager wouldn’t allow me to return to the stage.

 It’s something about that song. Haha!

Oh no! haha. Let’s hope people don’t rush the stage at La Discotheque!

So what can we expect to see next from you?

More music, movies, playing drums in a band, haha! Stay tuned. Follow me on Facebook at “Alicia Myers Fan Page” and on Instagram at “theofficialaliciamyers”.  

Thanks so much Alicia!


If, like us, you can’t wait to see a live PA from Disco Queen Alicia Myers join us this November for La Discotheque’s 3rd Birthday.

Tickets on sale now HERE.