Words by Leon Shaw

The lyrics and production are interesting and unique to only Simz, no song sounds like it could be performed by anyone else but her. Songs like Fear No Man and Point And Kill give more than a nod to her Nigerian roots whilst tracks like Rollin Stone and Speed do a complete 180 focusing heavily on synth leads and basslines. With tracks varying in different styles and themes, there is one concurrent notion throughout and that is the sheer honesty and thought behind each lyric uttered. This album is unapologetic and equal parts female boss, feel good, love yourself bangers meets a reflective look at the world and the hard questions we should all be asking ourselves.

Produced by Inflo (The S.L.P, Portugal, The Man, and Jungle), Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert features multiple interludes voiced by Emma Corin, who plays Diana in the latest season of the crown. These interludes nicely break the album up into different sectors and really give the project a cinematic feel. That feeling is matched on the opening track Introvert when we are first greeted with the massive horns arrangement and battle-like drum rolls, giving this track a Bond-esque epicness. Could we see Simz join Adele, Madonna, and Bassey and write the next 007 theme? If she wants to, probably.

Little Simz is fast becoming a British icon right before our eyes and you’d be a fool to not give her the proper respect and attention that she deserves. Catch her at The Albert Hall on December 7th in what is bound to be one of the best shows of the year.

Listen to the album: