This Thursday Classic Album Cabaret beams down to our stage. We’ve got a performance of ‘The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust’ in full as a Cabaret show plus a live set of Bowie greats. Here’s the cast of performers who’ll be entertaining you…

Jenna G
A self confessed music fiend, actress, broadcaster, performer and artist, Jenna G is a Manchester icon and rebel, the songstress has been performing headline shows across the world thanks to releases on some of the UKs most respected independent labels for over 25yrs, no wonder they call her the Queen of Drum n Bass! Jenna brings her deep rooted passion for music of all genres to the Classic Album Cabaret stage not only as a performer but as a curatorial lead and music producer of the show.
Cheddar Gorgeous
Cheddar Gorgeous is a drag artist, academic and unicorn who doesn’t live in London. Cheddar is a Manchester drag institution. From founding the iconic Cha Cha Boudoir, performing in venues ranging from bars to galleries to museums to hosting Channel 4’s Drag S.O.S, Cheddar believes that life is too short to only be one person.
She’s juicy and she’s trouble she’s Manchester’s finest tart it’s Lill! The epitome of working class glam this very groovy gal is known for a flawless execution of high creative drag with a sharp sense of humour and a punk attitude. Star of Channel 4’s Drag S.O.S and much much more she’s a gobshie but she’s gorgeous.
John Celestus
Cabaret’s darkest darling, John Celestus: An international vaudevillian creature playing with dance, contortion & boylesque.  His unique style and stage presence have made him an international headliner, with performances around the world. Although he is known for his burlesque performances he is a highly skilled contortionist; bringing an exotic and freaky edge to his sinuous and sensual routines which have gained him a reputation as one of the cabaret’s most skilled entertainers.
Banksie is a 7 foot supernoodle, Crunchy, wet and chicken flavoured! Also known as “a ladder in a wig” this high fashion icon was most recently seen as the face of Primark and Crazy Color. She’s not just a pretty face, she’s also a visual artist, filmmaker and a bold performer with an electric stage presence and energy.
Cherie Bebe
Cherie Bebe was made to perform! From a young age she was a self taught dancer admiring the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Madonna. Cherie Bebe’s debut was in 2009 & she has been performing all over the UK ever since. Cherie has an eclectic approach to burlesque, mixing her love of music, cinema, art, glamour and lingerie to create an unforgettable performance of fantasy for her audiences. Cherie also produces a number of burlesque shows across various venues in the North West which star herself and a lineup of distinguished burlesque and cabaret acts.
Jogurt are a performance duo made up of two key ingredients Jordan Lamming and Gert Dixon. Adding in drag, dance, mime and clowning to form a balanced diet filled with good bacteria.
Beau Blonde
Beau Blonde is a queer performance artist, drag queen and musician hailing from Manchester. Their drag twists their prescribed gender roles into their own constructions of self. From camp to catharsis, icons like Prince and Bowie are a huge inspiration for the empowerment they feel in embodying the femme-masculine.
Miss Blair
One minute she’s Sally Bowles the next she’s Deirdre Barlow! Miss Blair is without a doubt Manchester’s best lipsyncer and a powerhouse of a performer. High camp and high glam, this queen is drag excellence.
The Niallist
High priest of queer party cult Body Horror and resident DJ at Bollox, Amuse Bouche and Classic Album Cabaret. The Niallist is also a music producer, filmmaker and self described “techno pagan”.