Welcome to the Albert Hall: Spotlight Series, our new audio interview project, in which we will be speaking to artists, DJs, labels, promoters, and everything in between!

This week we’re speaking to one of Manchester’s latest editions to the city’s complex and extensive DIY rosters: the electronic, experimental, four-piece Mandy, Indiana, who recently supported London-based post-punk high-risers, Squid, on our stage.

“The DIY scene is integral…that’s one of the things that I moved to Manchester specifically for, it’s the fact that I like being able to just walk into a venue and go to a gig where I don’t have to pay f**king 40 pounds.”

Tune in to hear about all-sorts, from their formation in 2018 to their influences and essence; their current snowball pattern, and their views on the music industry as a whole. Fairness and inclusivity are the name of the game here.

“It’s either everyone is a straight white man, or look, we are doing this thing that is entirely just, loads of women… that’s one of the things that grates me the most though, is, people using it as a gimmick. Why not just make things fairer and more inclusive?”