We’re looking back this week to one of the most spectacular events we’ve had the pleasure of holding here at the Albert Hall: Lucha Libre! We transformed the Hall into a wrestling venue, big wrestling ring and all, and spent the night marvelling at show-stopping acrobatics, astonishing special effect and some of the funkiest live music.
Casting our minds back to a sunnier time in June 2017, we’ll be looking at some of the top snaps from the jaw-hanging, raucous fun we had with 16 of Mexico’s finest Luchadores.

Photography by Charlotte Wellings


Facebook & Instagram: @realmofpixels

Twitter: @CWellingsUK



Nice little bit of blue lighting to bring out our Luchador’s eyes.




A spot of diving! Don’t worry, they managed to catch them.




We can’t say for sure what’s happening in this picture but it looks like an example of the jaw-dropping acrobatics.




Taking centre stage! A vision in pink.




Having a quick drink, wrestling is thirty work.



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