Last week it was Aussie songwriter Courtney Barnett’s turn to rock our stage, fresh after releasing her second album last month! We’re very lucky…

Here’s five of the best shots from Charlotte Wellings so you can relive the memories, or realise exactly what you missed out on…


She begins her set as the sun begins to dim through the stained-glass windows and the stage lighting takes full effect.


In a bold move she shreds her way through new album ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’ from start to finish then moves into older material.


‘Nameless Faceless’ sounds like a protest song delivered with real venom as the room heats up and she sings, “Women are scared men will kill them. I hold my keys between my fingers”.


One of the biggest moments is the song ‘Depreston’ with the crowd singing back the apathetic line If you’ve got a spare half a million, you can knock it down, and start rebuilding‘ as if they’re a choir singing a hymn.


The tune ‘Elevator Operator’ is the biggest point of the night, starting a Monday night mosh-pit with its sense of urgency in the lyrics and brimming guitars.