Don’t hate us, we realise we’re a bit late to the party with these snaps… but better late than never right? We had an amazing week when Oh Sees and Hacienda made a return to Albert Hall. We had three of the original club’s residents, Graeme Park, Greg Wilson and Tom Wainwright rounding up the outstanding line-up. Not to mention a pretty impressive mosh from the crowd at Oh Sees. We’ve got some absolutely cracking pictures for you, Hacienda snaps were taken by the wonderful Jack Kirwin and Oh Sees by Gemma Parker.


Gemma Parker 


Jack Kirwin




And here we see John Dwyer doing what John Dwyer does best – ’nuff said.




Wave yo hands in the air, wave ’em like you just don’t care!




Any excuse for a spark machine – but Hacienda seems like a pretty good reason to get one out!




We believe this was the exact moment that Dan was about to kick the frick off on that kit of his.




This snap has become a personal favourite of ours, bright lights, pretty colours, and a few bevs in sight – couldn’t think of anything better!



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