We take a look back at some of our favourite shows over the years. On this day in 2019 we hosted Mancunian legend and NME God Like Genius Award winner, Johnny Marr. 

Equal parts Mancunian and Bohemian, the guitar tones of Mr.Johnny Marr are recognisable across the globe but hit hardest when he plays to a hometown crowd. That’s exactly what happened when he took to the stage in the September of 2019, blowing the absolute roof off our little Wesleyan chapel.

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Johnny is no stranger to The Hall, whether he’s jumping on stage with Primal Scream or experiencing one of our many gigs as a fan, he’s as familiar a face around the venue as some of our bar staff.

The Smiths legend first debuted at The Hall back in 2015, but this time around he burst to the stage with ‘The Tracers’. It’s still unconfirmed whether this was Marr’s clairvoyant way of warning us of what was to come in our now Track and Trace era but nevertheless it immediately had every single person on their feet, and in complete awe of the King of Cool.

It didn’t take long for some of The Smiths heavyweights to kick in, the opening chord of ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ hitting everyone’s eardrums and transporting those old enough to remember, back to 1986.

The great thing about this show was how diverse the crowd was. There was people that could brag about seeing The Smiths at Rafters back in ‘83, and also people there that hadn’t even been born then!