We’ve announced two new cracking shows recently. Norwegian songwriter, producer, and vocalist Aurora will be returning to Albert Hall on 1st April 2022 and the incredible multi-instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett, known as EELS, will also be hitting our stage again on Tuesday 15th March 2022!

Aurora recently revealed her brand new single, Cure For Me, via Decca Records. The song is about breaking free from shame and shutting out the doubters. It was directed by Aurora herself.

“Sometimes I feel like the whole world Is trying to convince you something is wrong with you. And sadly often people believe this to be true. It is very scary how easy it is for someone to convince you that you are wrong. Or that you are overly emotional, too strange, and not good enough. And I think it’s about time we shut those voices out. Because in no way should anyone convince you that you are not worthy because of the way you look, or act, believe in or love. We should be allowed to be human. And we don’t need a cure for it,” she explains. 

Now a near veteran American artist, EELS, have amassed an ardent fanbase due to some outstanding albums, one of the most poignant for us is his ‘Electro-Shock Blues’, shaped by difficult circumstances in his personal life.
His latest album ‘Earth To Dora’ ‘revisits the fertile ground of EELS earlier albums, where naive simplicity met life-worn melancholy’ as NME put it in their 4-star review.
Tickets for Aurora and Eels are on sale 9am Friday 16th July from our website.