While we believe that women should be celebrated and appreciated all year round, International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to give a voice to female-focused charities and help raise their visibility!

We have compiled a list of a few Manchester-based women’s charities and organisations that are close to our hearts, that you can get involved in or donate to.


SAWN was established in 2007 to promote the welfare of Black/African women in Oldham and Great Manchester.

SAWN´s aim is to realise the full potential of women by engaging them in activities and providing opportunities and events to make women independent, self-sustaining, and key players in matters that concern them.

They do this supportive work through training, reaching out to marginalised communities and forging links with them. SAWN provides lots of very important services to women with services such as:

  • Furniture Banks
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Awareness &Support
  • Money Advice and Support
  • Befriending services
  • Support services for ex-offenders.

You can get involved with SAWN by donating or volunteering your time here.


MASH stand with women who sex work and help them to experience good health, safety and emotional well-being by offering a number of support services.

They have a welcoming and non-judgemental drop-in centre for women to use with a trained nurse, as well as helping with things such as setting up a bank account, attending appointments, applying for a course, reporting a crime etc – with an aim to help women feel safe, supported and empowered!

They take their MASH Van out at night onto the streets of Cheetham Hill and Manchester city centre. This is usually from 8 pm until midnight every weekday. You can speak to our team, get free condoms and needle exchange, hot drinks and food and more.

Get support from MASH or help by donating and volunteering here.


Every Month is Committed to breaking down taboos surrounding menstruation and poverty. They bring free and accessible access to menstrual products for people experiencing poverty in Greater Manchester, as well as creating packs of menstrual products to food banks and other services for people living in poverty.  An Every Month Pack includes: Applicator tampons, Non-applicator tampons, Pads and Chocolate!

Every Month donate their packs all across Greater Manchester + have even launched a campaign to challenge the public to write to your MP to ask for Free period products to be provided throughout the UK.

Use the template they provided here to get involved with this and volunteer with every month here!


Brighter Sound is a Platform that highlights opportunities coming up such as events, training sessions, and networking for people wanting to get into music. They stuck out to us as they do several gender equality workshops for underrepresented communities, and launched All Things Equal Manifesto.

The All Things Equal Manifesto was crowd-sourced over five years as part of the gender equality programme Both Sides Now. It reflects and includes an authentic range of intersectional voices and has a commitment to create lasting change at all levels including education, talent development and leadership within music!

Read the Manifesto here + find out how to get involved here. Donations for Brighter Sound help provide inclusive opportunities for young women in creative industries.


Albert Hall is launching a free DJ workshop Cross Fade this Summer. This is a social event aimed at women, trans and non-binary people with an aim to connect like-minded people as well as provide some expert lessons to teach you the basics you need to kick start your DJ journey! This is a safe and non-judgemental space open to people with any area of skill any area of interest in music!

We hope you can join us, to get involved you can sign up here to get involved!

The deadline to sign up is 30th April 2023.