Here’s the lowdown. Nightclubbing is not designed for people who need sleep. So we’re shifting the time parameters forwards, and bringing you a fully authentic clubbing experience that starts at 7pm and ends at the strike of midnight.

Before Midnight is a chance for Annie Mac to play long DJ sets with all her favourite records, those ones that spark joy, and a chance for you to have all the fun, the euphoria, and the wild abandon you need and STILL get a good night’s sleep.

What’s more is Annie is bringing Before Midnight to the Albert Hall on the 22nd of April 2023! Tickets are on sale now here.

Before Midnight. Come and dance with us. Lights are on at midnight. Then we all run home and fall asleep like little happy Cinderellas.

Check out her new podcast, in which Annie speaks to artists, writers, musicians and a host of fascinating people about the concept of CHANGE: