Tim Minchin: In Conversation

September 1, 2024
07:00 PM - 11PM

“Life will sometimes seem long and tough. And you will sometimes be happy and sometimes sad. And then you’ll be old. And then you’ll be dead. There is only one sensible thing to do with this empty existence, and that is: fill it.”

Spend an evening in the company of internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, musician, actor, writer, and comedian Tim Minchin as he celebrates the publication of his first non-fiction book, ‘You Don’t Have to Have a Dream’, on Sunday the 1st of September, in Manchester!

In conversation with a special guest interviewer, hear Tim share his inimitable thoughts and advice on life, art, success, kindness, love, and thriving in a meaningless universe. Drawing from his legendary university commencement addresses, Tim’s rallying cry for creativity, critical thinking, and compassion in our daily lives will touch the science-loving reality-romantic in all of us.

Tim, in addition to being known for his sold-out music and comedy tours, is the composer of music and lyrics to ‘Matilda the Musical’ and ‘Groundhog Day’, winning him an Olivier Award for both.

Don’t miss your chance to hear Tim reflect live onstage how it’s never too late to put something beautiful out into the world.