Sink The Pink

April 5, 2019
09:00 PM - 03AM


Manchester we are finally COMING! And we are painting your city PINK!
We’ve never been more excited as we fire up our engines and bring the finest bunch of colourful nutbags up North.
Expect a beast of party where everybody welcome and everybody’s celebrated! So YES we are talking to you, yes you, drag your friends together and come be part of the revolution!!!
Oh by the way babes….Category is……….Colour!!

“The world’s most progressive, inclusive and completely batshit-bonkers drag troupe” – Dazed

“Sink The Pink is London’s most exciting night, infamous for its colourful party-goers and club kids whose positivity, vibrancy, attitudes and aesthetics echo those of past revellers at iconic nights like BoomBox and Nag Nag Nag.” –  AnOther Man

“An eccentric high-kicking, can-canning London-based collective made up of DJs, dancers and drag-queen divas, they’ve mastered the club night thing.” – i-D 

“It’s a camptastic rave up, a joyous mess of face paints, glitter and wigs!” – Guardian Guide

“Welcome to Britain’s Best Gay Night.” – Vice