Modest Mouse

July 21, 2022
07:00 PM - 11PM

Tickets are on sale Friday 25th February 2022 at 10 am!


“Some of the band’s most luxuriously textured work.” – PITCHFORK

“A psychedelic pop masterwork that picks up the positivity they first explored with 2004 mega-smash ‘Float On’.” – NME

“Something entirely different that is both exciting and fresh.” – UNDER THE RADAR

Modest Mouse have announced three very special UK shows set for July 2022. The acclaimed outfit will perform in Manchester, Glasgow and London this summer.

Of the announcement, lead singer and guitarist Isaac Brooks said: “We’re very lucky to get to be here, on any trip. Whatever this is and whatever we all are, it’s kind of beautiful that we get to do it.”

Modest Mouse are touring in support of their seventh album. Released last June, The Golden Casket received praise for its urgent aggression and combination of post-punk propulsion and blissful escapism. Whether Isaac is singing about electromagnetic waves, taking his kids for a walk, or tripping out, The Golden Casket is ultimately a plea for harmony in a world that has seemingly lost all sense of it.

2022 will see the band touring extensively. They embark on a huge run of dates across the US in April, before making their way over to Europe in July summer for a string of festival appearances and three very special headline shows.

Over the past quarter-century, Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock has served as indie rock’s resident backwoods philosopher, pondering his infinitesimal place in the world at large and seeking balance in a universe governed by polar opposites. On Modest Mouse’s earliest records, he was surveying the changes in the world’s physical landscape from the windows of the tour van, lamenting the displacement of natural beauty with big-box blights. The Golden Casket, the band’s seventh studio album, is exploring the degradation of America’s psychic landscape through the glass of the smartphone screen. Throughout the record, you’ll pick up on all sorts of references to cellular devices, hashtags, computers, texting, and online dating culture. But this is no typical Luddite’s manifesto decrying iPhone addiction, disinformation overload, or how social media is destroying political discourse. The album is, however, very interested in the invisible technology that’s allowed all of that to happen: the cellular signals, radio frequencies, and WiFi waves that are likely beaming through your body as you read this.