Lucy Spraggan

May 6, 2023
07:00 PM - 11PM


Lucy Spraggan was the first contestant in X Factor history to score at Top 40 single and album before the live show aired. She’s now sold over 140,000 albums, reached over 140 million streams on Spotify alone, and had a top ten album with 2021’s ‘Choices’. She’s outgrown those X Factor roots and sold out shows at many venues across the UK.

New single ‘Everything Changes’ sees Lucy look back on the past decade. The LGBTQ+ icon reflects on the changes she’s faced but also what the world has experienced since 2012.

Lucy adds: “I wanted the song to feel nostalgic and reflective – the last ten years have been pivotal for me and I have become a very different person to the 19-year-old that wrote the original Beer Fear. I am 3 years sober now and passionate about life’s quirks rather than constantly fighting against them. Everything Changes is what was created in the essence of that. It’s an opportunity for me (and anyone else who watched my audition all those years ago) to look back over the last decade and see how much has changed.”