Jack Garratt

March 24, 2023
07:00 PM - 11PM

Alt-pop musician Jack Garratt SOLD OUT our venue (very quickly I might add) back in 2016, following the release of his debut album Phase, featuring hits such as Worry and Suprise Yourself! With a fresh batch of releases and a new album, he’s back returning with a new perspective…

Released 3 months into the pandemic, Garratt’s 2020 album Love, Death & Dancing wasn’t plain sailing. His diary, previously filled with tour dates and live shows, remained completely blank, and he was also going through a divorce.

This new sound is a reclamation of his joy and an unapologetic expression of himself: “technicoloured, joyful, and celebratory.” It’s clearly aimed squarely at the dancefloor too with disco-funk, Daft Punk-esque vocal chops and zig-zagging basslines! There’s optimism here, with shimmering dance music as the soundtrack!

So join us, and open up with Jack: “You can’t avoid feelings, you can’t avoid negative things happening to you, they will happen,” he says. “And it’s not as easy as just going, you know, c’est la vie, life goes on. No, it fucking sucks. Things hurt. Why not take that and put it into a funky song that makes you want to dance. Let’s dance while the world is ending!”