February 18, 2023
07:00 PM - 11PM

Dublin-born producer EDEN’s stunning new album In Case You Missed It consolidates the beating pulse of electronic music with the raw energy of a life resetting itself, revealing more about the label-head, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter than he has ever previously shared.

The eleven genre-defying tracks on ICYMI are made up of R&B hooks, ambient field recordings, crate-digging samples, and euphoric beats to tell the story of EDEN’s journey from a place of mourning and isolation to one of community and joy. As a producer his techniques are more experimental than ever, but the songwriting is a timeless blend of melody and soul. Work on the follow-up to 2020 album no future was hard, with EDEN scrapping the project three times as he battled to make something that matched his message that the hardest moments in life eventually become something to look back on fondly. A framed print of the Wolgang Tillmans photograph Resolute Rave hangs in his London home studio and offers something of a visual representation of the idea. It captures a busy club dancefloor as the morning sun streams in through an overhead window, two worlds colliding as the subterranean hedonism is bathed in natural light. “It makes me feel like the world is full of possibilities,” EDEN explains. “Openness, chance, and potential. These ideas really resonated with me.”