Echo And The Bunnymen

February 25, 2022
07:00 PM - 11PM

Echo & The Bunnymen, one of the most influential British bands in modern history, will be here live on 16th and 25th February! The tour will celebrate the songs that have brought the group Top 20 hits, including ‘The Killing Moon’, ‘The Back Of Love’, ‘Never Stop’, ‘Seven Seas’ and ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’. Plus nine Top 20 albums that’ve amassed during their incredible 40 year career.

Well then, here are the rescheduled dates for our 2022 UK tour. I can’t wait to be out there with the band on all those stages in all those towns and cities, doing what I love most, playing our songs to our brilliant fans and, hopefully, making all our lives a little bit happier along the way”.- Ian McCulloch.