Bongos Bingo B*ll*cks To Blue Monday Special!

January 20, 2020
06:00 PM - 11PM


💙On Monday 20th January – the date commonly referred to as Blue Monday – Bongo’s Bingo are putting on four special events across the nation to help raise awareness for mental health on what is commonly dubbed as being the most miserable day of the year, all in support of The Campaign Against Living Miserably(The CALMzone)

💙But it’s essential to know that mental health isn’t just ever about one single day; it can be a much broader and more nuanced situation for people the length and breadth of the UK.

💙Bongo’s Bingo are using Blue Monday to help highlight how anyone’s mental health and emotional well-being can be affected at any time – not just on one specific day – and the importance to look out for other people, too, including friends, family, work colleagues and loved ones, as well as looking within.