1990-1999 w/ Shola Ama + Alison Limerick

March 15, 2019
09:00 PM - 02AM
Being a 90s kid was certainly the most amazing time to be alive. For one mega night on 15th March. Manchester’s Albert Hall are pulling together a gigantic party dedicated to everything you loved about the 90s including the music, the fashion, the dance routines and the cringe!
We’ll take you on a buzzing 5-hour romp of poptastic hits between 1990 – 1999 complete with special guest appearances from some of the icons that dominated the pop charts; Shola Ama will be performing her 90’s hits including ‘You Might Need Somebody‘ alongside Alison Limerick who’ll be belting out tunes such as ‘Where Love Lives‘.

We’ll help transport you right back to the 90s with a cast of performers, amazing sideshows (including a scrunchie station!) and full-on 90’s production that will make you feel like the Vengabus has transported you back to this most amazing decade.

We want to see you in your best 90s swagger, swigging on alcopops and shouting lager, lager, lager with your besties. Seriously, if this party doesn’t fill your soul with excitement then you are basically your nan and we wish you a life of dial-up internet speeds.
Reunite with your past in the best way.. the 90s way!