Introducing Albert Hall Staff Picks, a playlist curated by the eclectic staff that help make the events as amazing as they are. Expect everything from Math Rock to Hip-Hop, Techno to Trap and Noise Rock to … Nelly Furtado? All songs are accepted here and the staff have complete and utter control – check it out here!

The playlist starts with “Lovesick – ASAP ROCKY” and was picked by our very own beer slinger Luke, who described the song as an ode to a past flame. “It reminds me of my first love, she was a wicked girl”. Luke we feel you, keep your head up brother you’ve got this, but if you ever feel like you need to let off some steam then give Pass Away – Tonstarssbandht a spin. That’s Jaime from the stock team’s pick, and having listened to it, Jaime’s moustache now makes a little bit more sense, keep on rocking Jaime, keep on rocking.

Harrison is on a whole other vibe to his fellow stock mate as he chose “Liars Love – Title Fight”. He said it gives off good autumn vibes and makes him want to chill out, order a pizza and watch The Truman Show. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that sounds perfect. 


Now if staying in with a pizza and a film isn’t your vibe and you’re in the mood to hit the town, then our team leading, event hosting, DJ extraordinaire Gina has you covered. She suggests “Nia archives – forbidden feelinz”, it holds a permanent place on her USB, and will always make an appearance when she’s behind the decks. Both Jess and Gabbi suggested songs that empower them as women and that’s definitely something we can get behind, whether it’s “Unlock it – ABRA” Or “Body – Meghan Thee Stallion” if it gets you feeling your best self then that’s a top pick in our book.


Now Zofia, our drinks machine, claims that “Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado” is a classic, and I’m not one to argue, but she was wearing a Siouxsie and The Banshees tee at the time which sent me into a whole world of confusion, but if anything, it shows our squad is anything but predictable.


We cannot wait for The Halestorm show in February, and I’m guessing Lucy can’t either. Lucy helps lead the bars and says “Back from the dead” is a certified banger, “I love Hailstorm and have listened to them for five years, and they still make great music, plus they’re amazing live”, Well that’s one shift she’ll be looking forward to!

Check out the full playlist here :