It’s time to brush off the Slade records, pretend to like sprouts and avoid political fallouts with the family; It’s Christmas and we’ve had the gang create you the perfect winter playlist! Although it may be packed with the classics, there’s more to this Christmas sound-track than Mariah, Mulled wine and mince pies. 

We’re kicking off the festivities with Porridge Radio, who are currently having an amazing year announcing more European dates and selling out multiple venues. The last time I saw you (O Christmas) was picked by one of the Bar Team, Brian, who said he hates Christmas and this song is the only decent thing about it. Alright Scrooge, we’ll be sure not to come carolling at your house. 


The guys from Blink 182 are known for many things, Naked performances, obsessing over aliens, and even being part of the Kardashian clan. Now, these points don’t scream Happy Holidays but one of our stock team ,Harrison, is convinced that their 2005 release, I Won’t Be Home For Christmas is the perfect yuletide track. You could be convinced that Blink-182 would be the least festive choice on this collection, but then Harrison’s teammate Jaime suggested we include the entirety of Gucci Mane’s 2016 Trap Album The Return Of South Atlanta Santa. We’d hate to ever stifle the creativity of the team but these boys are getting coal for Christmas and that’s that. 


Ellie was feeling a tad more traditional, choosing to opt for Shakin Stevens: Merry Christmas Everyone, a fine choice indeed Ellie especially when she said it reminds her of her grandad! It appears that a lot of the team had family connections to their Christmas picks, but not all as nice and wholesome as Ellie. Declan, our bar team leader, admitted he used to use his choice Christmas Cash from kids entertainer FRED to get his parents to give him money, unfortunately for Declan having listened to Christmas Cash, we’ve actually decided to dock his wages and ban him from ever submitting a song to this playlist ever again. Bah Humbug.

Check out our Christmas playlist here: