We want everyone who comes to an event at Albert Hall to feel safe enough to report any issues to our team, and that our team handle these responsibility. We would like to raise awareness of some procedures that we already have in place:

  • A team of medics is on hand at all live and club shows.
  • A well-trained welfare team and safe space is provided for all people who need some support during club events.
  • Drug detection dogs are in attendance, plus an amnesty bin, is available for use at all club events.
  • A Bag check at every event.

Recently, in light of recent discussions, we have implemented the following:

  • The presence of a Safety Manager, in attendance at all club nights, who will be solely focused on safety within the venue.
  • A regular meeting with all venue staff to discuss how safe they feel at work and to share ideas on how to improve their safety and that of the customers.

We’re also in the process of rolling out the following additional steps:

  • Better signposting of the welfare services we have available and guides on how to report incidents of harassment, spiking and violence.
  • Providing free-of-charge drinks toppers to customers.
  • Further, additional training of our security team on the awareness of potential spiking.
  • We’re creating a policy statement on how to deal with people reporting spiking, harassment or violence in our venue.

If you have any suggestions about how we can improve, please email us at: wellbeing@alberthallmanchester.com