As the groovy people of Manchester get ready to disco dance the night away to the sounds of the 1970s this Saturday night, we grabbed a quick transatlantic Skype with the big daddy himself, Mr Brutus Gold, to get an insight into the world of a self-proclaimed 70’s styled Puerto Rican Love God. He certainly lived up his claim, calling us from a luxurious hotel suite with a stunningly beautiful lady friend playfully giggling in the background.

Needless to say, it was a very brief conversation before he politely brushed us off to resume eating crisp butties and watching Bargain Hunt in bed with his female companion.

Let us begin…

So Brutus, tell us about The Love Train

What is there to say…. It’s the greatest disco party on earth!

Well yes, we know that much. How did it start?

It was 1989 and I was down to my last $235. I was living in a tent with only my box of disco 45s for company. Then one night I just had the idea to start playing these great disco tunes at adult cinemas. The rest was history, as they say.

Why the 70s? What was it about the records from this era that urged you to share them via some of the biggest stages in the world?

Why not? It’s got the groove!

Fair point! Tell us what’s the craziest thing that’s happened at one of your shows?

I dropped 12 feet through a hole in the stage whilst ridin’ my chopper at the MTV music awards

Ouch, did any pop stars come to your rescue?

No, but I rode an ambulance to get 12 stitches in my butt.

Talking of pop stars, you once performed with the iconic Tina Turner, how was that?

It was Simply the Best.

For people who have never been to one of your shows name 5 songs you’d play to back-to-back to encourage them to strut their stuff on the dance floor

Disco inferno, Le Freak, Blame it on the Boogie, Night Fever and of course the Love Train.

Ahh, brilliant choices, what do you think set’s the Love Train apart from other 70s disco nights?

Hey, me of course…”I got style, I got grace, I gotta moustache on my face”!

Do you have any advice for people attending Brutus Gold’s Love Train at Albert Hall this August?

Let yourself go, turn off your mind and boogie.

And with that, the playful sound of his female guest giggling in the background returned and Brutus politely ended the call. What a stud muffin!

Brutus Gold’s Love Train returns to Albert Hall this Saturday 3rd August. Tickets are on sale now.

Rod Connolly, July 2019