Death Grips (Sold Out)

September 1, 2018
07:00 PM - 11PM

One of the most fearsome, genre-defying, and totally in-your-mothaf*cking-face groups in the world today, Death Grips, are set to bring chaos to the Albert Hall on 1st September.

The duo changed the perception of what experimental hip-hop could be with their self-released mixtape ‘Exmilitary’, in 2011, then made their major label debut with ‘The Money Store (2012), building on the aggression and tension with sinister electronic tones and huge blasts of static. Next, in the same year, they leaked their own third album ‘No Love Deep Webb’ with a picture of drummer/producer Zach Hill’s dick on the cover, and were subsequently dropped from their label.

They’ve since released four more records on their own terms, leaking online and via their own ‘Third Worlds’ label. Now, with no major label backing, their music alone does the talking, and from listening to latest record ‘Year Of The Snitch’ it sounds like a battle to the death. Expect the unexpected at this show…