Friday 19th of November marks BBC 6 Music’s 2021 T-Shirt Day, which has become a noted, unforgettable annual celebration amongst music fans all over the country. It’s a reminder to invest in the musicians you love, to empower their craft, to wear your support on your chest and be completely, totally unapologetic about it.

Here’s what our wonderful members of staff have worn to celebrate, this year:

Lucy – Jefferson Aeroplane – “It’s a colourful t-shirt and I don’t think they are actually that well known in comparison to some bands from the ’70s.”

Harrison – Alex G – “It’s my favourite artist and he pissed his pants on stage and I respect that.”

Dylan – Devo – “I think it looks good, it connects me to my father”

James – Biggie Smalls – “He innovated rap in the early NY Hip-Hop scene and created such a big feud between the East and West that unfortunately lead to him dying. I like the design and it represents his true self.”

Jenny – Sham 69 – “It’s hurry up Harry and my best friend is called Harry and it’s our song so it’s like an inside joke.”

Thom – POSA – “It’s actually my band, so it’s shameless self-promotion.”  

Ellie – Idles – “I enjoyed their show at Albert Hall, it’s was great.”

Caleb – Rolling Stones – “Favourite band, and it’s my only band t-shirt.”

Katy – Kanye west – “Cause he’s the best rapper of all time and he makes me love Jesus.”

Gabbi – King Violet – “They’re my best friends, they help me explore my creativity in photography and they are a very empowering group and their music celebrates women well. Check the song Kit Kat Shuffle.”

Millie – WYE OAK – “The lead singer, Jenn Wasner is amazing and I love her lyrism. They had a song on the walking dead but I heard them first on One Tree Hill.”  

Max – Otoboke Beaver – “My favourite Japanese quartet, an all-female band and I think that’s really cool.”

Jodie – Kendrick Lamar – “He’s my favourite artist and I went to his show in London, it was such a good show.”

Dec – Stone Roses – “I really like The Roses from when I was younger and it’s actually my Dad’s t-shirt from the show at Finsbury Park. It’s a cool bond between me and my dad”

Jaime – Grateful Dead – “I love this t-shirt, it’s so f******* sick, it’s so cosy and it’s got a dead hillbilly playing the banjo. RIP Garcia baby, no one can shred like him”

Liam – Wham – “Musical inspiration 101, it’s a perfectly fitting t-shirt that shows off my muscles, and it’s getting to that time of year when we remember George and his last Christmas. RIP GEORGE MICHEAL, THE GREATEST TO EVER DO IT, CHOOSE LIFE FOREVER.”  

Jack – Red Hot Chilli Peppers – “I had a vintage 90’s Nirvana, which cost me a bomb once when I was drunk, but Lucy said, “she hopes nobody wears a Nirvana t-shirt, that’s soooo predictable” even though mine was not from Primark. So instead, I opted for my RHCP tee instead, I actually do like the chillies though so it ended well.”

Thomas – Loyle Carner – “I saw him live at the Academy in 2019, and this is tour t-shirt from then. I’ve seen him live like 4 times though and he’s a really poetic mixture between hip hop jazz and spoken word.”

Zofia – Siouxie and the Banshees – “This t-shirt actually belongs to Jenny, and she gave it to me for today, I do like them though, I like the fact it’s a female punk singer.”

Jenny – SKA IS THE BOLLOCKS, Death of Guitar Pop – “I went to a festival called Stone Valley Festival which is like mod/ska and I saw this band there and they were the best band by far, I ended up meeting them and then my boyfriend bought me some merch, it was a great day.”